Friday, April 23, 2010

Consultation and Appointments

The Consultation Process: (consultations are available at 11am or 8:45pm)
1. The purpose of a consultation is to discuss a tattoo design with the goal of coming to an agreement between client and tattoo artist about body placement and what the tattoo will look like. Agreement between both parties on the final design must be reached before an appointment is scheduled to insure the client is clear about what they want and the artist is clear about what they are expected to design. Reference material is helpful. At this point, this can include specific designs, or just general pictures you connect with somehow.
2. A non-refundable cash deposit (minimum of $40) must be paid if an appointment is made or a second consultation scheduled for the client to view the finished design prior to making an appointment. If during the second consultation it is determined the tattoo must be significantly reworked or redesigned, the first deposit goes to compensate the artist for time spent on the first drawing and the process starts over with a new non-refundable cash deposit (in the same amount as before) for either another consultation or appointment.

Appointment Policy: (appointments are available at 11:30am or 5pm)
1. Once both parties have agreed on a final design an appointment may be scheduled upon reciept of a non-refundable cash deposit (minimum of $40). If for some reason the client needs to reschedule the appointment, this must be done at least 48 hours before the day of the appointment to retain the deposit and this can only be done once. Any additional rescheduling of the appointment will require another non-refundable cash deposit (minimum of $40).
2.If the client decides on a major design change on the day of the appointment, requiring the appointment be rescheduled, the deposit will compensate the artist for time spent on the design and a new non-refundable cash deposit must be paid to schedule the new appointment.
3.Any deposit more than 90 days old is forfeit. Appointments in the book more than 90 days apart are exempt.