Saturday, January 29, 2011

New tattoo artist line up at Katalist Konsepts

Katalist Konsepts has restructured to a two artist tattoo studio. We are now comprised of Eliaz McMillan and Ragz Rejected. Duffy has moved on, and we wish him luck in his new path.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Call for artists

We are looking for artists interested in participating in our next art show.

This show will open first Friday, April 1st. Below is a list of details. Deadline to be in this show is February 15th. Contact the studio directly at 970-472-1675, email, or stop in 218 Linden St., old town Fort Collins.

  • Artist must be here opening night to meet and greet patrons.

  • Work must be professionally framed or hangable (meaning sealed back w/ wire) or bare canvas style hung.

  • Must present portfolio of work to be hung, 5 to 10 pieces prefered. Can be online, or bring into the studio slides or photos.

  • Shop take is a surcharge of 20%. This means that when you price your art you will add what you want plus 20%, as well as 7.55% for sales tax. This will be the price we will have on hand.

    • Ex: artist price ($100 + $20)1.0755= $129.06 listed price